Bratton Fleming
Village Stores & Tea Room


SINCE 2013

Welcome to our Village Store! We absolutely love to help within our community. We stock a wide range of goods that include
Daily newspapers
Tobacco and cigerettes
Fresh hot and cold food made to your order
Tea and Coffee
Chocolates, sweets and confectionary
Fresh local fruit and veg
Fresh and locally supplied meat
Chilled foods (milk, cheese butter etc)
Frozen (take away meals, ice-cream, pizza's etc)
Dry goods (tins, cereals, tea, coffee, jars)
Alcohol (tins, spirits, wine etc)
House coal, logs, charcoal)
Medicine (Paracetamol etc)
Household (cleaners etc)
Toiletries and baby products
Greatings cards, Stationary etc
Mobile Top up's, Pay Point etc

We are a key member of our local community, with everyday regulars and new customers coming back time after time.
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Other services -

We can supply packed lunches.
Locally sourced goods
Welcome food boxes for tourists
Advice on local walks, clubs
Community events